Yang’s Special Source 杨记隆府·江湖群英宴

Packaging Design

Yang’s  brand was founded in 1942 in Chongqing,southeast of China.As a special catering retail brand with decades of heritage, it has accumulated many original products and unique craftsmanship , with only one dishes which made the brand extremely popular by the local markets.The brand presents sauce boxes via the visual aesthetic, through the display of dishes to appreciate the culture of the Republic of China a hundred years ago.Thus,the project introduces varieties sauces of the brand by creating the special and meaningful sauce boxes.The packaging design based in the the background of the Republic of China, and combined the culture element with Chinese long robe and Jiang Hu.Each individual kind of product is the expression of the Chinese Kung Fu moves to strengthen the memory of consumer. The theme "Jiang Hu Heroes Banquet" also presents the visual compositions.It makes Kung Fu moves with interest of style and mix the perfect combination for product characteristics.Leading the consumer enjoy the cultural characteristics at the same time, it brings the interactive and immersive experience as well.The whole design pack will definitely meets the taste of contemporary urbanite.